Cathedral Grey Limestone found in the form of Sedimentary Limestone rocks.  Its High quality limestone is composed of calcium carbonate in the form of calcite or aragonite. These Limestones are Oil Resistant & Non-Slippery, well suited for Flooring and Paving purposes.  It is used as Cathedral Grey Limestone Slabs, Cathedral Grey Limestone paving tiles in flooring, Wall Cladding, Countertops, and pavement of floors of large commercial complexes, Outer Door looking for Houses, Airports, Hospitals, Railway Stations, and Pavement in Parks etc.

Cathedral Grey Limestone

Cathedral Grey Limestone


We are the Manufacture and suppliers of Cathedral Grey Limestone. We have a factory at our own site and manufacture equipment for the stone like machines, calibration machine. These Limestone are used in India, it can be used for many constructing building complex and also making for many other substances. The Grey Limestone Exports to other countries like United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Germany, Norway, Ireland, France, United States, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Italy and Sri Lanka.

Uses of Cathedral Grey Limestone :

  • Easy to Cut, Carve, Readily available and Long-lasting, theses homes display variety of uses for limestone in the normal living and Modern houses.
  • These Limestone are like Compactness, hardness, Durability, Play an major role with its uses.
  • Limestone uses include in Countertops, Worktops, Steps and lot a more that creates a new stylish look at home

These are the mainly export sizes
30 X 30 cm, 30 X 60 cm, 60 X 60 cm, 90 X 60 cm and custom sizes.

Types of Cathedral Grey Limestone: 
Natural, Hand cut, Machine Cut, Calibrated, Tumbled, Honed, Half Honed , Leather, River wash, Sandblasting, Acid wash, Antique Polished, Rough, Random, Walling Stones, Lentals, Kerb Stones, Stepping Stones, Risers, Cobbles, Circles, Square kit, Bull Nose.

Wall-cladding, Flooring and all interior & exterior applications depending upon the imagination of an architect.