The word ‘cob’ means a lump. These cobbles are both side’s natural surface with Hand cut, Machine cut finish. The Cobble Stone Offer a unique appearance that would create in any Pavement, Gardening and Landscaping designs, Patio designs. The Cobblestone are versatile in nature. Cobbles are looking fantastic, modern, stylish look and ideal for water features, ponds and marginal planting. Cobble stones with paving allows a road to be heavily for long years.

They are different types cobbles.

1.Limestone Cobbles
2.Granite Cobbles


In Limestone Cobbles, we are manufacture and Exporter of Cobble stone in Limestone like Black, Yellow and Blue.

In Granite Cobbles, we are manufacture and exporter of cobbles stone like Grey Granite Cobbles, Black Granite Cobbles and Manga Red Cobbles.

These cobbles are very famous in world wide.

Cobblestone are used for streets, road or driveway, it can be used heavily throughout and still be in proper shape. They are extremely popular due to featuring numerous aspects that include durability, artistic appeal, sophisticated appearance, low maintenance, etc. This was to ensure smooth side for automobiles. These are used for streets and pavements in historic places across the Europe zone in pedestrian areas and streets in towns and cities are helped alert for approaching vehicles. Tourist-attracting reasons have actually been reconstructed using more up-to-date methods.

We provide the best quality CobbleStone in the form of Lime stone and Granite Cobbles to give your decor a elegant look.

Product Specifications:

Name                          :  CobbleStone
Sizes                            : 10 x 10cm to 30 x 30 cm and custom sizes
Thickness                   : 10mm to 100mm
Finish Available         : Machine Cut, Hand Cut, Calibrated, Tumbled.
Uses                            : Pavement, Landscaping, Gardening, Water Features,   Patio Designs.

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